Master Speech Therapist Vania Kostadinova

Southwest University "Neofit Rilski" Blagoevgrad


Hearing-speech therapy after cochlear implantation.


2012 - Participation in a jubilee scientific conference on Logopedia, held on 16-18 November 2012 in Blagoevgrad;
2012 - Participation in the workshops held at the jubilee scientific conference on Logopedia, workshops on:

1) Electronic technology for diagnosis "understanding of word "in children with communicative disorders;
2) Selection of biofibeck and neurofibebeck equipment for different therapeutic purposes;
3) Ten ideas for interacting with children with hearing impairment;

2013 - Passing a 16-hour practical course for practicing the "Diagnosis and Prevention of Language 3-4" Test - Rommel Logopedic Center;
2016 - Participation in an international conference on "Logopedic Diagnostics", held on 03-05.2016 in Albena;
2016 - Participation in the Scientific Conference "Interdisciplinary Logopedic Practices, held 4-6, November 2016, New Bulgarian University;
2016 - Training on "Inclusive Speech and Speech Development for Children and Students with Special Educational Needs", 4 November, 2016, NARU
2016 - Training course "Biomechanics and therapy of oral-motor mechanisms for speech articulation; 10-11.12.2016, Sofia - Advisory Room for Early Impact and Therapy; Children's stories united therapeutic practice;
2016 - Certificate of Participation in a Training Course entitled "Stuttering Assessment and Treatment in Preschool and School-Age Children", Southwest University "Neofit Rilski" and University Stuttering Research Center (USRC); 12.12.2016g.
2017 - Participation in the conference "Nutrition Disorders and Food Mechanisms -11.03.2017, Pumpelina
2017 - Participation in an international conference on "Logopedic Therapies", held on 02-04.06.2017, in Albena;
2017 - Participation in training "How to develop communicative and communication skills in children with autism and similar com- munication disorders" - Rommel Logopedic Center;
2017 - Participation in training "Using aids in pre-school and school education to develop fine motor skills and grammar skills for  children and students with difficulties and SOP "- 16-17 November 2017 National Institute for Education and Inclusive Policies Sofia;