Stages in speech development

• from 1-4 months, the main sound is crying, which can express different states of the newborn. After a month or two the baby begins to cry less, less sounds appear (vocalisation and chewing);
• between 3 months and 1.5 years. - Between 3 and 4 months, the baby begins to make sounds close to the speech. Varying and rhythmic variations can be seen in the arrangement of vowel and agree sounds. At this stage, baby's gluten appears. There are speech and speech imitations, combined with movements - good-bye, call, and so on. Babies begin to produce lots of sounds;
• 11mec. - 1.6 years old - tries to make his first word. These are easy to pronounce sounds such as ma (mom), ta (dadi) or repetitive syllables - ma ma, ba ba;
• 1.6 years - 4.5 years - The sounds that the child gradually absorbs differ from those pronounced so far. Leaping sounds are characterized by multiple routines, and fewer sound effects are produced when speaking. The voices are absorbed faster - up to 18 months of age, and they agree almost to the 7th year of the child's life;
• 4.5 years - 6.5 years By the 5th year about 90% of the child's speech is understandable. The articulation skills for all vowel sounds and lots of consensus have been formed. Speech plays a huge role in the child's intellectual development;
• By the 6th year, without special training, the child develops a speech similar to that of adults, continuing to master more complex speech structures;